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Volume 02, Issue 01

(January-June 2023)

Editorial & Table of Contents


Urdu Articles

قرآنی معجم نويسي میں برصغیر کے علماء کی کاوشیں اردو قرآني لغات کامختصر تحقیقی و تنقیدی جائزہ

The efforts of subcontinent, s Scholars in the Quranic Lexigraphy “A short critical analysis of Urdu Quranic Lexicon”

Dr Muhammad Faisal


امام ابو حنیفہؒ کی صحابہ کرامؓ سے ملاقات اور بلا واسطہ روایات

Imam Abu Hanifa’s Meeting with the Companions of the Prophet (PBUH) and Direct Narrations

Ismatullah Nizamani


“مصادرِشریعت میں سنت کامقام ومرتبہ “صحابہ کرام کی آراء کاتحقیقی مطالعہ

The Position and Status of the Sunnah in the sources of Sharia “A research study of the opinions of the Companions”

Muhammad Nouman Khalil


Arabic Articles

Sheikh Mahmood bin Abdul Rahman Al-Shaqfa and his Qaṣīda “The Burdah of the Victory and the Acceptance of the Praise of Prophet ﷺ

Muhammad Mudaser Jamal


English Articles

Islamic Psychology and the Contribution of Islamic Psychologists in Social Sciences

Dr Ajaz Ahmad Lone,

Dr. Suhailah Hussien